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Reed accused of cheating, stealing in book excerpt

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Patrick Reed is depicted as a win-at-all-costs competitor, accused of cheating and stealing by former college teammates, in a new book excerpt published on Friday.

In the excerpt from an upcoming book about young PGA Tour players from author Shane Ryan, the four-time tournament champion is introduced as a child prodigy who would bluntly challenge others’ golf talents upon meeting them and a loner whose sole passion existed toward not only playing the game, but winning every time.

The most damning information, however, comes from Reed’s time spent at the University of Georgia, during which his teammates were suspicious of his actions.

From the excerpt: “During a qualifying round prior to a tournament, according to sources, Reed hit a ball far into the rough. When he approached the spot, he found another ball sitting closer to the fairway, and was preparing to hit it when several of his teammates confronted him. Reed pled ignorance, but the other Georgia players were convinced he had been caught red-handed trying to cheat. That same fall, several items went missing from the Georgia locker room, including a watch, a Scotty Cameron putter, and $400 cash. When Reed showed up the next day with a large wad of cash, a teammate confronted him and asked how he’d come by the money. Reed said he’d played golf with a professor at the school and hustled him out of the cash. The player in question took this claim to the professor, who had no idea what he was talking about—it had been weeks since the man had played with Reed.”

Called “golf’s remorseless villain,” Reed hemmed and hawed when questioned about these allegations in the excerpt.

Also alleged in the piece is Reed’s strained relationship with his parents, Bill and Jeannette.

In one story, they gave a benign interview following their son’s first PGA Tour victory. Reed’s management team at the time, though, demanded the online video be taken down, which was cited as an example of their frayed relationship.