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Woods envies parts of 6-year-old son's swing

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In addition to playing soccer, Tiger Woods says his 6-year-old son, Charlie, likes to tag along on the golf course.

And considering his teacher, it's no surprise Charlie is already developing a nice swing.

''He's got some parts in his swing that I'm trying to do,'' Woods said with a laugh. ''It's a little frustrating at times.''

Woods is also playing the same game his father, Earl, taught the 14-time major champion when he was growing up. Instead of using the par on the scorecard, Woods uses a par more suited to his son's abilities to keep him interested in the game.

''It's about them enjoying the attention that it takes to try to get to par,'' Woods said. ''What my dad did was genius because it kept me interested ... 'My dad shot 2-over par and I shot 3, and I almost beat him.' Even though I was making 11 and 12 on holes.''