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Woods to play Par 3 Contest for first time since 2004

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Updated: 2:30 p.m. ET

Tiger Woods will play the Masters Par 3 Contest on Wednesday for the first time since 2004. And he'll have a pair of caddies.

"My two little ones are going to be out there with me," Woods said Tuesday of his two children, daughter Sam, 7, and son Charlie, 6.

"It's special. As I said, this tournament means so much to me in so many different ways. We all know what happened in '97 with my dad's health, and he was pronounced – well, he was dead at one point earlier that year; came back, and then came here and I won the Masters. To now have come full circle and to have a chance to have my kids out there and be able to share that with them, it's special."

Mark O'Meara, who practiced with Woods on Monday and Tuesday, initially told Golf Channel that Woods intended to play the nine-hole event. The last time Woods entered the annual Par 3 Contest was '04, when he played alongside Arnold Palmer and O'Meara. Woods aced the ninth hole that year.


Tiger Woods reacts to hole-in-one during 2004 Par 3 Contest. (AP)

In 2008, Woods defended his decision to skip the event by saying, “It’s changed over the years. It’s a little bit distracting to try to get ready for the tournament.”  

Making his first start since Feb. 5, Woods has played 20 practice holes this week.