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Charlotta Sorenstam Saves Announcer from Choking

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) -- The sister of Annika Sorenstam missed the cut in the LPGA Championship, yet might have turned in the top performance of the week.
Charlotta Sorenstam saved Donna Caponi from choking on an apple.
'In my eyes, Charlotta is a hero,' said Caponi, a member of the LPGA Hall of Fame who was working for The Golf Channel at DuPont Country Club.
Sorenstam, CharlottaCaponi was eating an apple Friday when a piece got stuck in her throat and she couldn't breathe. Sorenstam rushed to the rescue, popping her on the back and performing the Heimlich maneuver until the apple dislodged.
'I couldn't just stand there and let her choke,' Sorenstam said.
The Swede said she choked on a piece of candy as a kid. She said her mother picked her up by her feet, held her upside down and hit her back until the candy popped out.
'I though about doing that to Donna, but don't think I could pick her up like that,' Sorenstam said.
She went out and shot 75, but missed the cut by one stroke.
'I didn't know how much I had helped her at the time, but it kind of sunk in later in the day during my round, so it was a nice feeling,' Sorenstam said.
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