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Breed's Blog: How to avoid those dreaded 3-putts

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Monday musings from Michael covering a variety of topics relating to the world of golf:

Avoiding 3-Putts: Some of the most successful putters, including Jonas Blixt and Bobby Locke, keep the putter face square to the target line during the whole stroke. The face of the putter never changes its perpendicular relationship to the target. You want the impact point to be dead center on the ball and the putter face square. You want to keep the back of the left hand toward the target line and knuckles down to make sure the putter face stays square. A drill to help monitor if you’re keeping the putter face dead center to the target line through the whole stroke is to take two alignment rods and set them up to the target line you want. Then take a coat hanger and place it against your putter grip and make sure it runs parallel to the alignment rods through your stroke.

Slicing: When players make the club handle rise, they hit to the right because that causes the club to deflect the ball to the right. To make sure the shaft and handle stay low you need to keep your chest down. You don't want to stand up through the swing. A cupped wrist causes the toe of the clubhead to hang down and remain open through impact, which sends the ball to the right. A drill to make sure you get the clubface square is to set up with both hands on the club. Then with your trail hand only make a backswing and stop at the top. Then reach out and grip the club with your lead hand making sure that wrist is not cupped and finish the swing. Another drill for your spine angle to make sure you’re not standing up through the swing is to place your bag against your rear end. Take a swing and keep your rear touching the bag throughout the swing until after impact.

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Ball Position: First off, ball position is not where the ball is in relation to the feet. Ball position is related to the upper body. To be more consistent with ball position, you first need to make sure you know where to put the ball in your stance for each club. Take two alignment rods and create a 'T' with them on the ground. The alignment rods can visually help you see where the ball is in your stance if you wish. The driver will be farthest up in your stance, gradually moving back for each club. To check your consistency, take two pens. Put one on the ground where the ball should be and set up to it. Then take the other pen and place it against the placket of your shirt, or forward of the placket if it's your driver, and drop it. If it lands on the pen that is on the ground then you did a good job. That drill will help you be aware of where your placket is and how well you're consistently setting up to the ball correctly.

Choosing The Right Ball: There are eight different balls in the Titleist family alone, and there are many factors when choosing a golf ball. Two basic reasons are preference and performance. Try to have an idea of what kind of performance you want. Do you need more spin or less spin? Preference is about the number on the ball, the brightness, the color of the number on the ball and the color of the ball in general. Also, every ball goes long. The distance you hit a ball is based on clubhead speed and trajectory. However, don't choose the ball that goes the farthest. Choose a ball that performs well on the greens and in the other areas of your game. The best way to go about finding a ball is to get fit by a PGA professional and to try different balls to see which one fits your game best and performs the way you want in each part of your game. Once you find a ball you like, identify your game with it by using that kind every time.

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