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We were on site Monday in beautiful Bermuda before the start of the 2012 PGA Grand Slam of Golf and here are some things you can learn from this year’s participants:

Driver: Reigning Masters champion Bubba Watson is the king of working the ball off the tee. He says on fades he holds his wrists still through contact and on draws he feels like he turns his wrists over. Bubba focuses on controlling the clubface through impact whether he is hitting a draw or a fade. So, when you are trying to hit a draw, I want you to really focus on rotating the toe of the driver slightly through impact.

Irons: Three-time major champion Padraig Harrington changes the club he uses and the length of his swing to get distance control with his short irons. This is essential when playing in windy conditions. Try taking one more club and taking a three-quarter swing. Practice this on the range so you can feel comfortable using different clubs on shots with the same yardage.

Short game: Keegan Bradley, winner of the 2011 PGA Championship, lightens his grip pressure to keep a good tempo on his chip shots. I love that he does this because I encounter so many amateurs that grip the club too tight and tense up, which leads to chunks and thin shots. Next time you are around the green, lighten your grip pressure and this will lead to good tempo and solid contact.

Putting: Reigning U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson has mastered putting with a belly putter. A simple tip that I learned from Webb is to anchor the putter in the upper left corner of the belly button. This creates a forward press on your putter, which I am a big fan of.

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