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The Girls Are Back

Break Break: Ka If the premiere episode of 'Big Break Kaanapali' proved nothing else, viewers quickly discovered that the 12 contestants in the all-female field are more than daddies little girls. They hit the golf ball farther than Pop, and that whole sugar and spice thing, well forget it. Topping it off are the ladies looks, which are stronger than a 65 at Augusta National.
In only the third Big Break to feature a ladies-only field, the competitors are diverse in personality, appearance and style; Sophie Sandolo was pictured in Playboy; Tina Miller is engaged to an English footballer ' the NFL variety not from the Premiere League; and four were on the doorstep of playing on the LPGA this season. Think there isnt a little competitive spirit among the group? Look no further than Adrienne Gautreaux, who in church races her husband to see which can be the first to open the hymnal books to the correct hymn.
Such strong personalities will, and did, clash.
I scream and fist pump, Christina Lecuyer said after a good shot. Im going to do that every time, so get use to it.
So much for peace and harmony, but what is Big Break without conflict and drama?
And the premiere episode had a little of both. While no players were eliminated, they competed in an obstacle course competition that eventually culminated in hitting shots in 35-mile-per-hour gusts of wind. Then they played some golf.
Each contestant found out in a hurry that 'Big Break Kaanapali' is a competition that requires a different mentality than tournament golf, where in most instances there is time to make up for a bad swing or a bogey. In 'Big Break Kaanapali,' one mistake can put you on a plane home.
Absolutely terrifying, is how Ladies European Tour veteran Samantha Head described the competition.
Frightening moments are the price to pay in 'Big Break Kaanapali.' But it is a small fee for the opportunity to put a career on the fast track by earning an exemption to play in the 2008 Navistar LPGA Classic, which is one of the prizes the champion will earn.
The Big Break concept showcases highly skilled golfers competing against each other in a variety of challenges that test their physical skills and mental toughness, with the ultimate winner awarded his/her Big Break, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in select professional tournaments, and other career-building prizes. In addition to the tournament exemption, the winner will have all entry fees to play in 2009 Duramed Futures Tour events waived as well as an Adams Golf endorsement contract which includes $10,000 cash.
But first, they have to survive. Each of the 12 did just that, with Gautreaux, Sophie Sandolo, Cirbie Sheppard, Elizabeth Stuart earning immunity for the second show.
The remaining eight contestants will compete to see who, if any, of them will go home.
Some are worried about being the first to go, while Lecuyer cant wait for a taste of an Elimination Challenge.
Then there is Susan Choi. The youngest player at 23, she just wants to hit shots.
Im looking forward to going into elimination because we get to play mre games, said Choi.
Thats not a normal take on potentially being eliminated, but as they established in the episode, these girls are anything but ordinary.
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