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Masters changes 36-hole cut rules, 10-shot rule removed

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AUGUSTA, Ga. – There are plenty of differences this year at Augusta National, from no patrons on property to a first-ever November edition. On Monday, Masters Tournament officials announced one more change.

Starting this year, the 36-hole cut will include the top 50 players and ties but not players within 10 strokes of the lead. The 10-shot rule was introduced in 1962 and endured in 2013 when the cut went from the top 44 players and ties to the top 50 along with anyone within 10 strokes of the lead.

Because of the move to November and daylight considerations, officials are starting players off the first and 10th tees for Rounds 1 and 2.

Whether the removal of the 10-shot rule is because of those fall daylight limitations is unclear.