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WATCH: Tiger Woods' (final?) walk up No. 18 at St. Andrews

Getty Images

Was this it? Was this Tiger Woods' final walk down the 18th hole at the Old Course in an Open Championship?

If so, what a moment it was.

Woods, 9 over for the championship and miles off the cut line when he stepped on the 18th tee, didn't stop on the Swilcan Bridge like so many others had done in their final Opens at St. Andrews, but he did slow down and offer a wave to the crowd, who proceeded to give him a loud ovation as he walked all the way to the green.

Rory McIlroy, who had just teed off No. 1, tipped his cap as he and Woods crossed paths as well.

Along the way, Woods even looked to be getting choked up, at one point raising one hand to his face and appearing to pinch the bridge of his nose to stop the tears.

A closing birdie would've likely created an anti-climactic frenzy among the large gallery, but Woods lipped out a short putt to cap a disappointing week with par. He then noted afterward to Golf Channel's Cara Banks that “this might’ve been my last Open at St. Andrews."

From the sound of it, Woods wasn't alone in thinking that.