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Adams Golf launches entire family of clubs

Adams Golf Super S and Super LS lines
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Adams Golf is ringing in the New Year with the introduction of its Super S line, the first time the clubmaker has ever launched an entire family of clubs – from driver to irons – under one name. It is also releasing the Super LS line, which includes drivers, fairways and hybrids. And the most compelling parts of those rollouts may well be the fairways and hybrids.

According to company officials, the Super LS (Low Spin) clubs have more technology than the Super Ss and more premium price tags. For example, the Super LS fairway and hybrids have titanium crowns and faces and stainless steel soles designed to provide exceptionally low Centers of Gravity (CG) for optimal launches, while the Super Ss have heads made entirely of stainless steel.

The crowns of the fairways and hybrids in both lines come with a white matte finish and a dark PVD face, not all that surprising considering that Adams is now owned by TaylorMade, which pioneered such eye-catching cosmetics. And both utilize refined versions of Adams’ VST (Velocity Slot Technology), in the form of slots in the crowns and soles.

They raise CT (Characteristic Time) nearly to the limit and improve distance as a result, with the CT in the Super LS version a bit higher than that in the Super S. In addition, the Super LS fairways also features Adams’ Fast Fit technology, which allows golfers to adjust loft and face angle, as well swing weight and length.

As for the hybrids, the Super LS version comes with a new sole slot to make that clubface hotter as well as a new crown slot that is designed to increase launch angle without creating additional spin. Its multi-material make-up is made to keep the all-important CG extremely low, and the CT is high here, too. Adams vice president of research and development Tim Reed fairly gushes when he describes them as “our best hybrid to date.”

With regards to the Super S hybrids, whose clubheads come with new crown slots that are thinner, deeper and longer, he is just as excited, saying they are “extremely hot and incredibly easy to hit.”

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