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Adams Golf releases Super S and LS drivers

Adams Golf Super S and Super LS drivers
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Choice seems to be the operative word at Adams Golf these days, and that is especially apparent in the driver category, where the clubmaker has two new offerings.

One is the Super S driver, and it features one adjustable head that allows players to choose a total of eight settings, from an open-face angle on a 9.5 loft to a closed-face angle on an 11.5. In addition, this driver comes with a slot on the sole of its 460cc head designed to increase the size of the sweet spot and make it easier to hit tee shots longer and straighter. This represents the first time Adams has provided this technology to a driver, which it previously employed with great success in fairways and hybrids.

In addition, the crown curvature in the Super S is designed to enhance aerodynamics, while a reduced rear skirt lowers Center of Gravity (CG). And company engineers said the matte white finish on the crown, an obvious inheritance from Adams Golf’s new parent company, TaylorMade, makes the clubhead appear slightly larger than it actually is for greater confidence at address.

At the same time, the Plano, Texas, club manufacturer has brought out its Super LS driver. It too is 460cc in size, and it also has the matte white crown, as well as the VST slot (Velocity Slot Technology) in the sole. Available in right-handed lofts of 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 and left-handed lofts of 9.5 and 10.5 with extensive adjustability options, it is designed to be a lower-spinning product.

Company officials said PGA Tour pro Aaron Baddeley was so impressed with some testing he did with the Super LS in Arizona last fall that he immediately put it in his bag. And while they acknowledged that the Super LS might have a few more features, as well as a higher price point than the Super S, they encourage golfers to demo both models, to see which one works best for them.

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