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Big Break Mondays on GOLF Channel

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It’s back! Tune in to GOLF Channel for Big Break Mondays to re-live seasons from the past. Big Break puts highly skilled golfers against each other in a variety of challenges and they compete to see who’s really got game.

Throughout the season skills challenges test both their physical skills and mental toughness under pressure. During the original filming of each season, one contestant was eliminated each week. The last player standing was awarded his/her Big Break: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in select professional tour events with some of the best players in the world.

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Big Break Mondays- Programming Guide:

Big Break Prince Edward Island: 5/11 

6AM – 9AM ET: Episodes 1 – 3 

10AM – 6PM ET: Episodes 4 – 11 


Big Break Atlantis: 5/18 

6AM – 9AM ET: Episodes 1 – 3 

10AM – 6PM ET: Episodes 4 – 11 


Big Break Ireland: 5/25 

7AM – 9AM ET: Episodes 1 & 2 

10AM – 6PM ET: Episodes 3 – 10 

8PM – 11PM ET: Episodes 8 – 11 (Twitter Watch Party 9-11p) 


Big Break Palm Beaches: 6/1 

6AM – 9AM ET: Episodes 1 – 3  

10AM – 6PM ET: Episodes 4 – 11 

8PM – 11PM ET: Episodes 9 – 11 (Twitter Watch Party 9-11p)