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Billy Horschel's home gym is what we all need right now

Getty Images

By now, most of us golf fans know that Billy Horschel is a big Peloton guy.

But have you seen where he rides the thing?

Thanks to Golf Digest, we got a tour of Horschel's gym at his home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Some random thoughts:

• As expected, the University of Florida grad has plenty of Gators decor, from a big floor logo to logos on each of his dumbbells.

• That lake view is pretty sweet.

• Thank goodness Horschel moves the hitting net to the middle of the room!

• The box-jump feature on his Synrgy360 system is cool, but does it really go up to 8 feet (or higher)?

• On his walls: scorecards from his Nelson win in 2017, a flag from his BMW victory in 2014, his GolfDigest cover, a Ben Hogan photo and a PGA Tour marketing poster celebrating his 2014 FedExCup.

• Lots of trampolines! Though they aren't for Billy.