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Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder can ‘hit a flag at 500 yards’

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Rangefinder: Bushnell Pro XE

What the company says: “This unit is just loaded with features. It starts with the E in ‘XE,’ which stands for elements. We’ve taken our slope technology two-steps further. We’ve added altitude and temperature. So, when you see that compensated distance at the bottom of the screen, it’s going to factor in slope, temperature and altitude. If you’re playing golf in Denver or Florida, it makes a huge difference.

“This model gives you the most accurate compensated distances ever. It also has seven-time magnification, our most powerful laser ever. It will hit a flag at 500 yards. It has improved optics, incredible feel, it’s waterproof and it has one of our favorite features, our bite technology on the side, which allows the laser to magnet to your golf cart. There’s also a switch to turn off the elements capability, if playing in competition.”

Price: $549

Availability: End of March, 2019

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