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Cobra Amp Cell irons made with driver technology

Cobra irons
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Cobra Golf’s dedication to the long ball didn’t stop with the release of their Amp Cell driver. They have applied that same innovative technology throughout their Amp Cell irons, and the results are truly astonishing.

The secret to the success of the irons comes from the metalwood face-weld construction. While that may sound confusing, the good news is you don’t have to totally understand it, just get ready to hit the ball a long way. In short, Cobra has essentially welded a thin face to a softer body in the head of the irons. This multi-alloy design causes more flex at impact creating more distance – described by some as a “trampoline” effect.

Cobra irons

Common sense dictates that more distance will cause the average golfer’s accuracy to suffer; well Cobra’s new equipment seems to be way ahead of common sense. The Amp Cell and E9 Face technology work together in the head of the irons – the same way they do in the Amp Cell driver – to redistribute weight to the perimeter, creating a larger, more forgiving “sweet zone.” The weight in each club is distributed differently so that each iron is designed specifically for its purpose.

It wouldn’t be a Cobra Golf product if it wasn't customizable, and when it comes to giving golfers their fair share of choices, the Amp Cell irons do not disappoint. The clubs come standard in orange, blue, red and silver, and the graphite or steel shafts come in regular or stiff flex. 

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