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Good posture allows you to make good golf swings

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The one common denominator you see among all good players is their posture.

Good posture is important, as it will determine the shape of your swing.

The one thing I generally notice when I am on site at a tour event is the posture is fairly consistent for most golfers. They all look really good when they set up to the golf ball.

When I walk up to the driving range at a club or a practice facility, I can generally tell what kind of player a golfer is by looking at their posture.

I believe that once we get the proper grip the next important part of the golf swing is getting in the correct posture.

Being in the correct posture allows a golfer to be able to make the proper turn back and through the golf ball, and I always tell golfers that they want to be in an athletic position with their posture.

Here are a few tips to accomplish the proper golf posture:

• Stand tall with a slight knee bend from the hips.

• You should feel a pelvic tilt (butt out) with a flat back as you bend over.

• Your weight should be on the balls of your feet.

• You want a slight tilt with your spine away from the target so your lead shoulder is slightly higher than your trailing shoulder.

• Your arms should hang straight down from your body and you should then grip the club from there.

Once you are in this correct posture you should feel very stable over the ball. If I came up to the golfer and pushed on their shoulders they should not fall over.

Try having someone push you once you get in your posture and see how balanced and stable you are.

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