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Eddie Pepperell goes anti-Bryson DeChambeau with all-steak diet

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Eddie Pepperell hasn't shied away from sharing his opinions about Bryson DeChambeau on social media, with topics ranging from slow play to distance gains. But now it seems the Englishman has zigged this year while DeChambeau zagged.

Pepperell is returning to action this week at the Betfred British Masters, making his first competitive start since he was disqualified from the Qatar Masters in early March over a scorecard error. He showed up to Close House noticeably slimmer, having lost several pounds and about 4 inches in his waist. While DeChambeau spent his recent break trying to add as much bulk as possible, Pepperell opted to slim down in order to improve his health.

"I've taken the opposite route to Bryson DeChambeau. I think it will pay off more for him than it will for me," Pepperell told Sky Sports. "I started it the week before Qatar, weirdly. It's not the best diet for mathematics but it's good for the waistline. I wanted to improve my health a bit as I had a few issues last year, if I'm being honest. I saw some photos, and the way I felt for a 28-, 29-year-old, I knew it wasn't right."

Pepperell opted for what he described as an "extreme" diet that consisted of a short daily menu: steak, liver and bone broth. He even got his girlfriend, a nutritionist, to switch to the diet from veganism.

"I've beefed up in the sense that I've eaten a lot of beef," Pepperell said. "I must say, my body felt amazing for it. I felt just great."

Pepperell is currently ranked No. 82 in the world, having fallen 17 spots in the rankings as his PGA Tour-based peers compete while he watched from home. While he is qualified for the PGA Championship based on his world ranking, he has already expressed plans to skip the first major of the year because of quarantine requirements tied to traveling to and from the U.S.