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Fashion: Tampa's top spectator trends

Top fashion from Tampa
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PALM HARBOR, Fla. – It's something women struggle with all the time – the delicate balance between dressing fashionable yet functional when heading out to watch a golf tournament.

It seems a commonly held notion that spectators have to somehow mimic what the golfers wear, but that's simply not true. In fact, several PGA Tour wives and girlfriends I've met over the years – who are out and about following their significant others on a regular basis – have told me quite the opposite is true. It's completely acceptable and encouraged to bring your everyday stylish wear to the golf course – sans stilettos, ladies.

I took to the grounds at the Tampa Bay Championship and found that apparently, word travels fast, because these women certainly had a handle on the top trends to wear to the Copperhead Course at Innisbrook.

1. Brianne Shoby

Brianne said she had no trouble deciding what to wear this morning – she simply went with an outfit she'd wear any other day, to any other event. She also proves that fashion doesn't have to break the bank – her coat and scarf are from Forever 21 and her boots are Old Navy.

Brianne Shoby

2. Juli Ogilvy

As a PGA Tour player's wife (Geoff), Juli has plenty of experience deciding what to wear on the golf course ... and it shows. She couples her chambray top with cuffed black jeans and flip-flops, which she says she wears no matter what, because she can't stand for her feet to be hot.

Juil Ogilvy

3. Heather Wilson 

Heather had a bit more trouble deciding what to wear out to the course, and said she asked her fiancée '800 questions' about what to wear. He and/or she got it right with this look, keeping things casual and cute. I especially love the purse and the Keds.

Heather Wilson

4. Not wild about being named

This lady preferred not to be named, but her outfit was too cute not to include. When you live in Florida – or come to Florida to watch a golf tournament – wearing white jeans is acceptable year-round. Not to mention, she pairs it perfectly with this cheetah sweater from Club Monaco and Gucci purse.

Cheetah Print

5. Amanda Dick

I found this lovely lady following Camilo Villegas, then learned she's friends with him – they used to play golf at the University of Florida during the same time. Her linen white pants (again, completely acceptable year-round) look comfortable and chic, and I love the bright green striped top. Her shades are Kate Spade.

green stripes

6. Pat Gaydos

I love Pat's outfit because it looks like something you could wear anywhere and yet, when I asked her what brands she was wearing, she said the top and bottoms were Nike. Combined with a cute Michael Kors purse, a Coach fedora and Sperrys – because they're her most comfortable shoes, she said – it's a sporty and stylish look for watching golf.

Pat Gaydos