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First-tee announcer flubs Justin Thomas' name; JT later flubs shot

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It would seem that being a first-tee announcer is a pretty easy gig. You read a few names, a few home towns, and call it a day. But if you do that 312 times over the first two days at the U.S. Open and another 150 or so times over the weekend, you're bound to make a mistake.

"From Louisville, Kentucky, Justin Thompson."

Announcer flubs Thomas' name on first hole

Announcer flubs Thomas' name on first hole

That's actually Justin Thomas, the reigning PGA champion. Thomas responded with his best Travis Bickle "You talkin' to me?" look. It obviously didn't bother Mr. Thompson too much as he laced his opening tee shot and parred the first hole on Day 3 at The Country Club.

After three pars to start his round, Thomas' tee shot on the par-4 fourth nestled into a precarious spot in the fairway. Because Thomas deemed that his stance and swing would not be affected by the drain, he didn't get relief. Playing from an awkward, downhill lie, Thomas fatted his second shot into a bunker well short of the green.

What the video didn't show, however, was Thomas' angry reaction.

"That’s what pisses me off, because so many other people would lie about being able to hit that [and getting free relief], but it’s just like, I’m not going to hit it. That’s bulls***, man,” Thomas said.

He went on to bogey the hole and turn in 2-over 37, dropping to 3 over par for the championship and eight shots off the lead. He finished on that number, shooting 2-over 72.