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GOLF Films' "Chi Chi & Devo" Premieres Thursday, Dec. 19 at 9 p.m. ET

GOLF Channel will debut its latest GOLF Films project, Chi Chi & Devo, scheduled to premiere Thursday (Dec. 19) at 9 p.m. ET. The film delves into the unusual connection between World Golf Hall of Fame member Chi Chi Rodriguez and ‘80s American rock band, Devo.

Devo – short for de-evolution – originated in the early 1970s in Ohio when two Kent State University students came together to challenge mainstream culture and idealism through musical satire. As the band began to attract a following in 1977, a search commenced for the perfect image to adorn the cover of its debut single, “Be Stiff.” A few years prior, Devo had stumbled upon a vintage box of golf balls that featured a smiling image of Rodriguez, and fell in love with the idea of emblazoning the eight-time PGA TOUR winner’s likeness on their inaugural record label to represent an “iconic misappropriation of symbols.”

“Only the rich kids got to play golf. It represented establishment and conservatives. Chi Chi seemed not to be that guy. He was flashy, and had style. To us, he was a bit of Rock and Roll.” – Gerald Casale, Devo

Through interviews with Devo band members Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale, along with Rodriguez, the film details the band’s attempt at navigating the convoluted legal approval process in order to achieve their preferred cover – including unsuccessful attempts at making contact with Rodriguez himself – and follows the ensuing concessions that were made to appease their legal advisors.

The film is narrated by Emmy Award-winning producer and NBC television host Carson Daly.

Chi Chi & Devo also captures the fitting union of the film’s principal figures, with Casale meeting Rodriguez for the first time, some 40 years after the two parties would be permanently tied following the release of Devo’s debut album in 1979.

Launched with the critically acclaimed, four-part Arnie biopic and Emmy-nominated Payne film in 2014, Chi Chi & Devo rounds out GOLF Films’ 2019 slate of projects which also includes the two-part Hogan, along with Tom at Turnberry, Tiger Woods: Chasing History, and The Legend of East Lake., GOLF Films dedicated digital destination, includes excerpts from the division’s full library of films, along with archived content and testimonials on respective film projects. The website also serves as a source for dedicated information on current and future film projects in the works. Chi Chi & Devo joins an extensive library of GOLF Films that are available on GOLFPASS.