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He Said/She Said: Best-case scenario at Doral

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson
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With 74 of the world's elite players converging, a potential world ranking shuffle and the possibilities of a Tiger-Rory or Tiger-Phil showdown, the Blue Monster could roar this week. The Golf Guy and Birdie Bailey lay out their best case scenarios for the event's closing moments.


Per usual, I am coming from the view of the average golf fan. Tiger Woods winning? Obviously the best case scenario for Golf Channel, ESPN, the golf media and all those fans who don't pay attention to the sport outside of Tiger. But for me, the game is so strong at this point, that all the other non-Tiger stories are more interesting.

The battle for No. 1? I love that aspect. Tiger rendered that whole conversation mute with his insane dominance for much of the past decade. Now? It’s a weekly, fun topic for golf fans. Masters favorite? Again, an interesting topic with so many great players in the mix.

That said, the Golf Guy loves nothing more than the big-time names dominating the leaderboard come Sunday afternoon. So, Tiger in the mix at anytime, anywhere is great. But I want to see the other guys - Mickelson, McIlroy, Westwood, Donald - in contention as well.


It’s hard to argue Tiger Woods winning an event could ever not be the best case scenario – unless it’s his 19th major in which you die-hard Nicklaus fans will weep like willows for days.

But at this week’s WGC-Cadillac, a ‘W’ for Woods signifies so much more than just another victory in the record books. He’s facing 73 of the world’s most primed and pristine players, who no longer cower when Tiger’s posting Sunday red. He’s 30 months removed from his last official victory and the changes he’s made to his swing are starting to take hold. Once he gets the flat stick rolling in the right direction, it could mean the re-emergence of a Tiger many are eager to see dominate again.

A win at Doral could get the wheels in motion and would permeate his psyche as he preps for his stroll down Magnolia Lane. And from there, who knows what might take shape.