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Nicklaus, Allen Edmonds partner on golf shoes

Jack Nicklaus
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Jack Nicklaus has recently partnered with the Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation to release the Jack Nicklaus signature golf line by Allen Edmonds. Nicklaus has been involved in every step of the process for nearly two years in order to create a line of golf shoes and other golf-related products that focus on providing innovations for improved comfort and performance, while still respecting the traditions of the game. 

The 18-time major champion, who has used foot orthotics for years because of the wear and tear that comes from playing in well over 700 professional tournaments, recently walked all 18 holes at Augusta National in a pair of the shoes without issue. He also wore the shoes while hitting the ceremonial tee shot at this year’s Masters with Arnold Palmer and Gary Player.

Jack Nicklaus

The Nicklaus shoes were designed specifically to cater to every golfer's individual needs. The vast innovations in the Jack Nicklaus signature line of shoes include:

• A patent-pending “stability rim” sole, which provides a swing platform for greater traction and footwork stability, giving golfers feedback should they sway during their swing.

• Large cross patterns on the interior of the “stability rim” for additional traction. These crosses spread a golfer’s weight evenly across the shoe.

• Supportive but removable insoles, so those with foot concerns can either use Allen Edmonds’ insoles, or choose to switch over to custom orthotics – an important addition from Nicklaus, whose own custom orthotics help him play without discomfort.

In addition, Nicklaus' signature line features green-friendly spikeless soles designed for on- and off-course wear, full leather uppers that allow feet to breathe more naturally and a waterproof design.

Jack Nicklaus

“I was very involved with Allen Edmonds in the design, performance aspects, and look of this new signature line of golf shoes,” said Nicklaus. “(But) while we focused on performance and comfort, we did not sacrifice style.”

The result was three series of golf shoes, all named after some of the most renowned Nicklaus courses.

Muirfield Village – Traditional saddle style in five models: white/black grain, white grain/blue croc print, white grain/brown and white grain/green croc print.

Bear’s Club – Blucher style in black leather and two crocodile patterns including a black gator print and brown gator print.

Desert Mountain – 'Athleisure' style in four models: black grain/blue thread, brown leather/khaki thread, olive leather/orange thread and white grain/blue thread. This style has colored soles and a U-throat pattern perfect for men with high in-steps.

“Through a comprehensive design and development process, we believe we have created shoes that appeal to golfers of all skill levels and tastes in style,” said Nicklaus.

The Jack Nicklaus signature shoes come with multiple lace colors and are available in a full range of lengths and widths. They retail for $195 and are now available at golf specialty retailers, green-grass accounts, Allen Edmonds stores and at

In addition to shoes, the full signature line of Jack Nicklaus golf apparel includes gloves, hats, socks, belts, blankets and shoe bags – all bearing a brand new stand-alone logo depicting a silhouette of the Golden Bear taken from the famous reaction to his birdie putt on the 17th hole on Sunday at the 1986 Masters.

Jack Nicklaus

“The folks at Allen Edmonds convinced me that this image from the Masters represents the tradition and classic inspiration of the new line together,” Nicklaus added.

Check out the entire Allen Edmonds/Jack Nicklaus signature line here.