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LET rookie bit by black widow, keeps playing

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The toughest person in golf just might be a 5-foot-5-inch Swede.

Ladies European Tour rookie Daniela Holmqvist, 24, was playing in a pre-qualifier for the LPGA’s season-opening ISPS Handa Australian Open on Tuesday when she felt like she was “being stabbed by a knife” in the ankle, according to a report by Svensk Golf (have a translator handy).

Turns out she had been bitten by a black widow spider.

Such bites can be dangerous, and occasionally fatal, so the former Cal golfer alerted her fellow playing competitors, who immediately expressed concern. 

Instead of waiting for the medics to arrive, Holmqvist instead grabbed a tee out of her pocket, sliced open the wound and squeezed out the venom, a clear liquid oozing down her ankle.

“It was not the best-looking thing I’ve done,” she said, according to the report, “but I had to get as much out of me as I could.” 

With the crisis seemingly averted, Holmqvist probably should have withdrawn from the tournament, visited the local hospital, ensured she was healthy.

No. She continued playing. 

Trailed by medical personnel the rest of the round – 14 holes! – Holmqvist managed to stay upright and carded a 74, but failed to qualify. 

After the round, she told Svensk Golf that she was a “little dizzy and a little tired,” and conceded that she probably should head to the hospital … except that she had a flight to catch.