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Luck of the draw: Hovland vs. Beef the funniest thing you'll ever see

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Over the years, us here at Grill Room have seen a lot of funny content. This may be the funniest.

In the European Tour's new Luck of the Draw challenge, Andrew 'Beef' Johnston and Viktor Hovland gave us more than a few laughs as they faced off on the par-5 18th hole at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai.

The rules: Players draw one of 14 golf balls out of a bag without looking, each ball with a different club written on it. They then must play that club for their next shot, and the process is repeated for each shot. Lowest score wins.

Luck of the Draw: Beef vs. Viktor

Luck of the Draw: Beef vs. Viktor

Rather than spoil the ending, let's just say that there wasn't a boring moment during this. Beef had by far the worst luck, but Hovland had the most difficult time trying to play through laughter; that Beef is a funny guy!

And how about the grandstanding attempt by Hovland? We're glad to hear Beef say, sarcastically, "It has to be cool, I guess. I'm totally happy."

Well, we were totally happy with this video. Keep them coming (and please give us Brooks vs. Bryson)!