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Jeepers peepers: Reed seeing clearly now

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Just before this year’s Masters Patrick Reed was sitting at home in Texas scrolling through the channels on his television when he stopped in frustration.

“[Reed’s wife] Justine goes, ‘You can't read that?’ I'm like, ‘No, can you?’ She's like, ‘Yeah,’” Reed said on Wednesday at the Wells Fargo Championship. “My father-in-law's sitting over there and he has really thick glasses. You can't see that? He's like, ‘Maybe that's the reason why we haven't been making putts for a year.’”

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Reed went to an optometrist the Monday before Masters week and discovered he struggled to see objects at a distance. Although he had a hard time with contact lenses at first, specifically getting them on his eyes, he said his improved vision had an immediate impact.

“All of a sudden I'm just looking out like, wow, I can see everything,” Reed said. “Now all of a sudden I'm not having to ask [caddie Kessler Karain] where the ball goes. Now all of a sudden I can read greens pretty well and it worked at Augusta.”