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Nelly Korda's heart was racing when she won Olympics, according to Whoop device

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Nelly Korda has a wonderful poker face. She occasionally flashes a smile or displays a look of discontent during a round, but she always seems calm.

Her Whoop device, however, tells no lies and it shows just how excited she was when she tapped in to win the women’s competition at the Tokyo Olympics and when she received her gold medal.

According to Whoops statistics provided by the company, Korda “reached a 19.0 (out of 21.0) day strain, her highest of the week, following her final day of play.” Her average heart rate during the final round was 128 beats per minute with a 154 bpm spike after she made her final putt.

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But she hit her max heart rate on the medal podium, reaching 172 bpm.

By comparison, when Korda won the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship for her first major title, her average heart rate in the final round was 136 bpm and her max was 178 bpm. Her day strain was 19.9 out of 21.0.