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Odyssey Versa has unique alignment system

Odyssey Versa putters
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Odyssey engineers turned to “high-contrast alignment” when they developed the new Versa line of putters, determining that the distinction between the stark black and white bands on the clubhead helps greatly with alignment. Their theory is that those visuals accentuate the face angle at address, as well as through the stroke and at impact. Which makes it easier for golfers to line up – and ultimately make – putts. And that is critical, Odyssey technicians say, because being off-line even the slightest bit will cause a player to miss.

“We set out to design a distinctive and highly effective alignment system for a blade putter,” says Austie Rollinson, principal designer for Odyssey Golf. “The human visual system is both sensitive to contrast and very good at complex tasks such as edge detection. We utilized both of these skills to create an effective alignment aid that helps golfers putt better and more consistently.”

Another noteworthy feature of the Versa putters, Rollinson says, is the way they have been engineered to produce better sound, feel and performance across the striking surface. A new laser milling cutting process enables the equipment maker to achieve extremely tight tolerances and better match insert shapes to the head shapes, with each one designed and cut specifically for individual putter models.

Putters bearing the Versa name come in a variety of head shapes, from the progressive style and mallet types to conventional blades. The Nos. 1, 2, 7 and 9 are available in black/white/black and white/black/white combinations, while the 2-Ball model boasts only one color option: white/black/white. All Versas are available with 33”, 34” or 35” shafts and also a host of custom options.

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