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Find your personal tempo to improve your putting

D.A. Points putting tempo
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Tempo is something that is built into us as human beings.

When we walk our arms go back and forth at the same pace. This is because we live on a gravity driven planet.

We need to use this natural tempo that evolution has built into us to control our distance on both long and short putts.

Let’s do a little test so you can check your personal tempo.

Let your arms hang by your side and throw away your arm like you were throwing a ball to someone next to you. Then just let your arm fall back. Don’t hold it back or force it back. Just let it fall.

Now, do the same with a putter in your hands.

Just throw the putter back and let it fall. Let it hit the ball as it falls and check the distance the ball travels. Now throw it back the same distance again with another ball and let it fall and hit the ball.

Did that ball travel the same distance as the first one?

It did if you threw back the putter the same distance on the backstroke, and now you are finding your own tempo to control distance.

The longer your backstroke the longer the putt will roll. The putter’s tempo as it falls will always be the same. The force of impact will change only with the length of your backstroke.

Give this a try on the putting green and see how much better your own tempo will help you control distance on the greens.

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