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Puma Golf's ZL shoe performs as good as it looks

Puma ZL
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Puma Golf never stops looking for ways to push boundaries with equipment, and their latest addition doesn’t disappoint. The Puma Zero Limits golf shoe is sure to turn heads as soon as you step onto the first tee. From young, flashy kids to older, more distinguished club members, everyone will appreciate the class, performance and style built into the Puma ZL golf shoe.

If you abide by the motto, “It’s not how you play … it’s how you look while you’re playing,” then this is the golf shoe for you. The ZL shoes are made with luxury, waterproof leather and come in classic white-on-black or black-on-white, making them look as advertised – a fancy tuxedo for your feet.

Puma ZL

However, if you're into your score, (and who isn't) the technology and research that Puma Golf put into the ZL shoe design to help your game will almost make you forget how great they look ... I can't stress the word 'almost' enough.

Some of the cutting-edge technology that is unique to the ZL shoes include: 

• DUO FLHT Chassis that feature a carbon fiber shank connecting the forefoot and heel for optimum power, leverage, and control. 

• Directionally molded S2QuillTec spikes paired with replaceable spikes to guarantee maximum grip in hazards and green-friendly traction on the putting surface. 

• Heel construction with flex grooves and compression molded cushioning to provide comfort and breathability rarely seen in a golf shoe this trendy. 

By naming their shoe Zero Limits, Puma set the bar about as high as it can get, and achieved that standard across the board. The ZL shoe will improve your game as much as any golf shoe can, from how you feel on the course to lower numbers on your scorecard.

The Puma Golf's ZL shoes retail for $200 and Ian Poulter has been sporting them on the PGA Tour this year. For more info and to place an order, check out Puma Golf's website.