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The time Lefty stuck Harrington with five-figure dinner bill on #PhiresideWithPhil

Phil Mickelson/Twitter

There's not many people on this planet who would be worse to lose a bet to than Phil Mickelson.

Case in point: Padraig Harrington.

On the latest episode of "Phireside with Phil," the social media show taking over the Internet where Mickelson has sat down with everyone from his mother to a shirtless Zach Johnson, Harrington recounts the time he lost what he thought was a simple loser-buys-dinner wager to the five-time major champ.

Harrington (subtitles and all) remembers losing to Mickelson years ago at the Singpore Open, and then buying one very expensive dinner - and lots of drinks - for Phil ... and his friends ... and even some random kid who was celebrating his 18th birthday.

All told, Harrington said he remembers signing a five-figure bill for dinner that night.

The moral of the story, besides never losing a bet to Mickelson, is keep the Phireside chats coming.