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Watch: Jordan Spieth throws wild first pitch at Rangers game

Now 28, perhaps Jordan Spieth’s best pitching days are behind him.

Wait, what?

Spieth, who celebrated a birthday earlier this week, was given the honors of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at his hometown Texas Rangers’ game on Wednesday night.

This was nothing new for Spieth – he threw out first pitches in 2013, 2015 and ’17, at Arlington, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. Having checked off his “three bucket-listers,” he said he was hanging up his mitt.

Apparently not.

Spieth was called back to the mound ahead of the Rangers’ home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks ... and it didn’t go well. The southpaw threw a low slider that bounced before the batter’s box and skipped off the backstop.

Take a look here:

Spieth sheepishly hung his head and laughed off his poor toss. Hey, it’s one of the few lowlights in what’s been an otherwise incredible year.