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WLD champion Allen hammers drive from Canada to USA ... over Niagara Falls

Getty Images

Most people are just happy with getting their drive somewhere in the fairway, clear of all water, bunkers or the dreaded trees. 

Maurice Allen is not most people. In fact, Allen has superhero-like power, claiming the title at the 2018 Volvik Long Drive Championship with a 393-yard drive.

He's long past worrying about landing his tee shots in the fairway. In fact, he's now moved on to hitting drives over large bodies of water, like Niagara Falls, teeing it up in Canada and watching it drop nearly 350 yards away ... in the United States.


Piece of cake, really. All there is to it is hitting it hard. Everyone can do that, right? Think again.

It must be nice to have that kind of power to just blast right through the mist and wind, think it shot straight down into the water, only to learn seconds later it's in another country. But then again, that's why Allen is not like most people.

Bravo, sir.

Now, does anyone happen to have a extra long golf ball retriever?