Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL Episode 7 Breakdown


Big Break Ireland contestant Kelly Jacques breaks down Episode 7 of Big Break The Palm Beaches, FL, along with two-time Big Break contestant and host of School of Golf, Sara Brown. Don’t miss their expert commentary every week after each episode and make sure to tune in Mondays at 9PM ET.

Kelly: Yea!!! A team event! I love to watch how each player responds to this type of competition on Big Break. It’s very telling and quite entertaining!


Sara: Oh my gosh random numbers... What could this mean? I love when the contestants try and figure it out... And actually they made a pretty good guess with it being hole yardages. But ultimately it was a team challenge and like you Kel I'm excited for this...WOOHOO!!!  


Kelly: After last week, I was not surprised that Clay was vocal in the interviews. I do understand where he is coming from though. Big Break is ultimately an individual game and for most players it’s a make it or break it opportunity financially. The pressure is twice as high too! You don’t want to be the person to bring your teammate down.


Sara: Clay nailed this challenge!!! He was the one that hit all 3 targets for him and Kyle... He's allowed to talk a little trash I mean he did all the work! If it weren't for him Kyle would have been there for a while... They seemed to mesh ok at the start like at breakfast they fist pumped but then it's hard to carry someone for a while challenge so I totally understand where Clay was coming from, even tho it may sound a little harsh... BUT we do see Kyle, and he knows he didn't help Clay at all... you can see he really felt bad so maybe Clay shouldn't have been as harsh in the interviews as he was BUT hey that's big break and Clay was just telling it like it was!


Kelly: The other two teams were so supportive of each other. Huge contrast to how Clay reacted towards Kyle.


Sara: Agreed Kel BUT like you said it's ultimately an individual game and if your team isn't playing along side you it can be frustrating! But it was nice to see the team chemistry between the other two groups and see them work together!!!  


Kelly: I thought it was fair that the players then moved to an individual format to determine who will be sent to the elimination challenge. But Sara what do you think about Chad’s choice to take a pretty long distance on that second shot?  I honestly didn’t think it was too smart. He probably knew he would be close to the bottom after the drive. I would think someone would probably miss the green, so I would’ve chosen a distance that I felt extremely comfortable with! 


Sara: I mean it is Big Break which means 1 Winner... BUT it would have been cool to stay with the same teams and then the losing team in the 2nd immunity challenge plays ecahother... There ya go Big Break.. Kel and I are giving you some ideas hahaha no but seriously Kel I don't know I'm going to have to disagree with you... I think Chad did the right thing he was at the bottom of the drives and he knows Kyle and Robert can bomb it... He was just trying to get the most point on the board that he could... I can't believe Robert was the only one to hit he green tho. Clay, Chad and Kyle all hit very poor shots...


Kelly:  Chad found himself in the elimination, I thought he would choose Clay! Even though it’s pretty much a toss up between Clay and Kyle! Who would you have chosen?


Sara: I would have picked Kyle myself he hasn't been playing that great he's even said that in interviews and Clay just took down Tommy the day before so I'm with Chad on this one and picking Kyle... 


Kelly: All tied after location one! Yea! I’m not rooting against Kyle, but I’m definitely rooting for Chad! I just love him on this show and I think he adds such a great dynamic!


Sara: I think everyone is rooting for Chad... I know I am! He's taken out great competitors on the show, he's fought for our country and he's just an all around great guy!!! I mean how could you not root for him? But it's his 4 time going into the elimination challenge that's defiantly tough on anyone...


Kelly: Location two we saw a clutch up and down by Chad. But I guess that’s why they call him corporal clutch! Kyle also made a good 5 foot putt to remain all square. Such a good match! On the last location, Chad found some trouble in the trees but somehow still had a putt to tie Kyle! But he missed! I was shocked! He has been so clutch with a putter in his hand but looks like his nerves may have gotten the better of him here. You have to give credit to Kyle, for winning this elimination. He is a great guy with an awesome attitude and he needed this win to mark his position in this competition. 


Sara: I was soooo shocked to see achad miss that putt... The pressure of Big Break did get to him... But that's not without saying that Kyke played great and you are right he needed this... Not just for himself but to prove to the other guys that he deserves a spot in that top 5! To take out corporal Clutch is a huge statement that he just made... Chad was a great competitor and guy on this show! I was rooting for him since the beginning!!! But that's just the way the cookie crumbles... And we have 5 guys left and I can't wait to see what is to come!


Kelly: I am sad to see Chad go as well. He was my favorite to watch, because he was real. Everyone knew his story and could relate to him in one way or another. Congratulations Chad. You should be so proud of yourself, I know everyone else is! Way to fight through 4 elimination challenges and show everyone true sportsmanship, talent and heart. Please post your schedule somewhere so we can all follow you on your journey to the big stage!