Etonic makes a Power Play


Call us obsessed over here at Leading Edge, but we can’t stop thinking about outsoles. That’s right, the business side of a golf shoe – where the rubber, plastic, cleats and little stubby pyramids meet the ground. And if they’re good, they keep you there through the violence of the golf swing.

Etonic Dri-Tech ShoeEtonic has given us a sneak peak at its 2010 line, including some outsole magic. Those favoring a casual look will want to investigate the Dri-Tech ($95 suggested retail); the Sport-Tech is a bit more contemporary ($80 suggested retail). Both feature Etonic’s Power Play outsole system, which includes so-called Inside-Out Spike Placement: by placing five cleats on the “to-target” side of each sole (left side of both shoes for right handers), Etonic claims to have increased stability. (The other side of the sole has four cleats. There are also PowerPlay Flex Zones, articulations within the forefoot area that allow the foot to flex along the lines of its natural anatomy, Etonic says.

The outsole system first came out last year in Etonic’s higher-end shoes, the Stabilizer ($160 suggested retail) and Sof-Tech ($120). Look for the new models in October.