Masters champions' locker room gets an upgrade


AUGUSTA, Ga. – At Augusta National, you’re never completely sure what you are and are not allowed to talk about.

For instance, it turns out that the champions' locker room was renovated over the past year.

Three-time Masters champ Phil Mickelson had no problem talking openly about the new digs, while last year's winner Jordan Spieth brought up the locker room in passing, before wondering if it was something he was allowed to divulge.

“An example of the many things that take place here is that they renovated the Masters champions' locker room this year,” Mickelson said. “Now, this is only going to affect 25 or 30 people. That’s it. And they spent a lot of money to make that champions locker room twice as big inside and twice as nice.

“Every detail is done to perfection.”

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Spieth was asked to explain his emotions the first time he saw his name on his locker, which he shares with Arnold Palmer.

“I was here with a member and when you’re here you can walk around and you can see the wine cellar and the champions' locker room,” he said. “It was before it had been renovated to what it is now. I think this is new this year. I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to say anything, so I’m sorry.”

Spieth looked at the Augusta National member during his apology but was told it was OK to discuss. Still, Spieth just opted to go back and answer the original question.

“I was interested in who was sharing lockers with who and that kind of stuff," he said. "But I think I had been in there one time.”

Better to be safe than sorry.