Mickelson needles Rory, McDowell over legal battle


GLENEAGLES, Scotland – Let’s be clear: The shot heard ‘round the world on Wednesday was fired in the direction of two European stars, but Phil Mickelson had a toothy grin across his face when he fired it.

In response to a question about U.S. players competing together as teammates, Mickelson laughed to himself for a second, then said, “Well, not only are we able to play together, we also don't litigate against each other – and that's a real plus, I feel, heading into this week.”

The missive was a not-so-thinly veiled reference to the current legal battle between Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell which has gained much attention this week.

On paper, it reads like bulletin board material, but during his news conference it simply sounded like good-natured needling from a guy who’s known to needle.

In fact, just as quickly as the words came out of Mickelson’s mouth, he apologized – sort of.

“I couldn't resist,” he said. “Sorry.”