Schwartzel sick, sat for Day 1 foursomes


INCHEON, South Korea – The format change International captain Nick Price fought so hard for is paying off early.

Price decided to sit Charl Schwartzel for the Day 1 foursome matches as the South African continues to struggle with flu-like symptoms.

“Charl is not well. Charl has got a really bad bug at the moment. He's in bed as we speak. So he was iffy for tomorrow,” Price said.

Schwartzel received a B-12 shot on Tuesday and showed no signs of improvement on the eve of the matches.

The good news for Price was that unlike previous years when all 12 players played on Days 1 and 2, a format change that reduced the total number of points available from 34 to 30 for the 2015 event allowed him to rest Schwartzel.

“That was an option that was closed to us when we came in here because I really felt that he probably needs an extra day to get some strength back,” Price said. “I certainly hope that he's going to be in shape by Friday. But I don't know. I'm going to take that day-by-day.”

The drawback for Price was that he was also forced to bench Sangmoon Bae on Day 1. Bae, the only South Korean player in this week’s event, had been tabbed as Schwartzel’s partner and Price said he didn’t want to break up any of his other teams in order to send him out on Thursday.