Thomas claims he was drug tested after flexing picture


Last week, Justin Thomas posted the following photo to Instagram while visiting his alma mater, the University of Alabama, with the playful caption, "With the 2 week off season over, glad to show the results from really hitting it hard in the gym. Should be driving all holes under 450 yards now #gainz #swollmonkey."


And on Wednesday at the season-opening Safeway Open in Napa, Calif., Thomas claims he was drug tested by the PGA Tour.

Coincidence? JT doesn't think so.

Thomas, who took to Twitter to let everyone know the image was Photoshopped, said after the photo hit the Internet, "it's only right I got drug tested today."

From his use of the double crying-laughing emoji, Thomas doesn't appear too concerned with the results of the test.

Thomas isn't the first professional athlete to think his random drug test wasn't exactly "random." Indinapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee has called out the NFL over its drug-testing policies multiple times.