Bohn Banks Big at BC Open


2006 B.C. OpenJason Bohn, after years of doing odd jobs and bouncing around the mini-tours, finally has a place he can really call home. Its the PGA TOUR.
Bohn has won his tournament ' last year at the B.C. Open, played this week in upstate New York. Because of the most recent flood damage, it will be moved from its home at En-Joie Golf Club in Endicott, N.Y., to Atunyote Golf Club at Turning Stone Resort in Verona, N.Y.
Bohn, in only his second year last year on TOUR, had six birdies the final day and won $540,000 at the B.C. Bohn, with birdies at 16 and 17, overcame four others to win by one stroke.
Jason Bohn
Jason Bohn showed plenty of emotion in his first win.
The B.C. was a turning point for him, he says.
I think once I got that first win last year, he said, I started to feel a lot more comfortable. I felt like I knew I could win out here on this TOUR. I'm really starting to feel more comfortable every week that I come out here.
I still believe that I've got a long way to go to where I want to be. I think every guy out here, we all are shooting for No. 1 in the world, there's no question. I don't think honestly any guy wouldn't tell you that. There's a great chance we'll never achieve that, but I still think if you set your goals that high, that you're going to keep working hard to attain them.
Bohn this year has won more than $850,000, which would be more than enough to keep his card next year if he didnt have it already thanks to the B.C. win of last year.

It's a pretty good job, confessed Bohn. I mean, there's a lot of travelling, there's a lot of negatives, but - I don't know - I don't see what else could be better. We're chasing a little white ball around. I don't care if the wind is blowing 50 miles an hour, especially when it's a guaranteed pay week, too.
Bohn was going to skip his title defense and try and qualify for the Open Championship. But when he heard that the PGA TOUR was dropping the B.C. Open from its schedule after this year, he decided to skip qualifying and return for the final edition.
Bohn is 33 years old now, having spent years playing the mini-tours and five years on the Canadian Tour. But he will always be remembered for winning a million dollars while in college, giving up his amateur status to accept the prize for nailing a hole-in-one.
The hole-in-one had good and bad things happen, in all honesty, he said. A million dollars is the greatest thing that could have happened to me because it gave me the sponsorship to be able to play and chase my dream of playing professional golf.
But I did lose all my amateur status. I was a redshirt freshman at the University of Alabama. I didn't get to play four years of college golf. In those four years, I stayed in school and got my degree like every other student.
Without the million dollars, I probably would have never been able - I wouldn't be sitting in this chair right here. I don't think I would have had the financial means to chase my dream.
So he got a jump-start on the pro game ' though its debatable whether it really helped or not.
I got a job and worked for King Cobra, he said. I was what they called demo boy. I ran around and set up all the tents, demoed all the equipment for everybody. I worked at a golf course, too, during college. I kept myself in the game and around the game.
Once I got out of school (he majored in finance, of all things) is when I really kind of started to work hard on my game, where I had every day, all day, to practice, play mini tours. The first three years, I took a big hit. I was the donator. I just gave them my money, missed the cut, gave them more money, missed the next cut. I had to kind of learn that way since I lost all my college eligibility.
Bohn finally learned the hard way, though. And it all paid off when he won the B.C. Open.
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