Martin's Blog: How to fix golf's most fatal flaws


In my decades of teaching, I’ve seen hundreds of swing faults. Here are four of the worst and most common I see and how to fix them:

1. Poor Grip: The most common flaw I see is people putting the club in the palm of their hand. You need your left hand heel pad on the club, put the back of the right hand on the right thigh then bring it to the club that way. You also need a little bit of a right side body tilt.

2. Hands Out, Club In Takeaway: People get the club too flat and horizontal to the ground. Think of the left hand moving on an inner rail and the right hand moving on an outer rail and a laser coming out of your right index finger. This keeps the club outside your hands going back.

3. Too Narrow At The Top: To get to a proper position at the top of the swing, lift your club and put it on your right shoulder with the shaft horizontal to the ground. That will give you wrist cock. Then make a back turn to the right with your hips and torso. Next, push your hands away from your body and that will be a beautiful position to be in at the top.

4. Awful Post-Impact Look: Practice hitting low shots from a traditional head and ball position. That forces you to let your hands lead and not flip the club.


• We discussed junior golf a decent bit on this week’s show. Here’s a drill all juniors should be practicing, and it works pretty good for adults, too. Paint a white line on the ground to try and get the bottom of the arc in the right place on every swing. The key is to hit the ground on the white line consistently, so make practice swings and hit balls while trying to brush the white line.

• PGA TOUR winner and former U.S. Ryder Cup team member Chris DiMarco joined us as a special guest to talk junior golf, his swing and his unique putting grip. To quiet the hands in putting try the claw grip. Put your left hand on as you would normally with the thumb down the shaft. Then put the right hand underneath very light in a claw-style fashion. Then take the putter back and stroke it through.

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Homework Assignment:

• Purge the Fatal Flaws

• Brush the White Line for Solid Contact

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