Take advantage of wet, soft conditions like Horschel


Knowing the conditions of a golf course ahead of time can prove to be beneficial regardless of your skill level.

Whether the course is hard and dry or soft and wet, you will need to make some necessary adjustments to your game.

Billy Horschel took advantage of the soft conditions that yielded several birdies at TPC Louisiana en route to winning the Zurich Classic of New Orleans on Sunday.

Generally, when the course is soft and wet, you can be more aggressive and hopefully score better.

Here are a few keys to make sure you can get the most from soft course conditions:

• Be sure you are getting optimum launch conditions from your driver. When the ground is soft, the ball simply will not roll out the same as it would if it were firm, therefore make sure you are launching your drives with optimum launch angle and spin. A higher launch with less spin will allow the ball to carry farther. Not sure about your launch conditions? Get with a certified club fitter that uses launch monitor technology like Trackman to find out for sure.

• Know your yardages. This is true regardless of the conditions, but when the ball isn’t rolling out, that means you need to know exactly how far your clubs will carry. Most driving ranges have targets with marked yardages. However, note the condition of the range balls you are hitting. Most range balls won’t react the same as the ball you play. The best way to get accurate yardages is to go to an area where you can hit your own golf balls and mark where they land, not just where they end up.

• Stay aware of changing green speeds. The ball will roll slower on a wet green. The tricky part is that they can sometimes speed back up as they dry out. Become a master of your speed control on the greens by practicing enough to develop superior feel. Use the ladder drill where you take 10 golf balls and practice hitting each one just past the one before it to improve your touch on the greens.

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