Rees' pieces double standard: Cog Hill, East Lake


ATLANTA – Last week Geoff Ogilvy joined the chorus of criticism of Cog Hill when asked if the Chicago-land layout ranked among his favorites: “No, it doesn’t. No.”

On Wednesday at the Tour Championship, the affable Australian was asked his thoughts on East Lake, “I do really like this golf course.”

GTC didn’t have the heart to mention to Ogilvy that much-maligned Rees Jones is the architect of record for renovations at both Cog Hill and East Lake. But a double standard seems to be standard when it comes to player opinions of Cog Hill and East Lake.

“If you could take those greens,” said one caddie pointing to East Lake’s ninth, “and put them in at Cog Hill it would be fine. The bunkers here are tame compared to what is at Cog Hill.”

Note to Jones: whatever you did at East Lake you may want to consider doing to Cog Hill.