Big Mac shows the way


MARANA, Ariz. – It was impossible to ignore the timing. There on the cover of USA Today smiled Mark McGwire, the shamed Cardinals’ slugger who on Wednesday was beginning a new baseball life as a hitting coach for St. Louis.

On the eve of Tiger Woods’ first public comments since his November car accident sparked reports of infidelity McGwire’s plight seemed apropos.

In January McGwire allowed himself to be grilled by reporters about all topics, including his use of performance-enhancing drugs. On Wednesday in Jupiter, Fla., he talked with scribes for about 17 minutes and had a nearly-bulletproof answer for every drug-related question.

“This would be a better place if we all moved on,” he said.

And Woods’ plight might be a little better if he takes a page from McGwire’s book and plays a little more offense and a little less defense.