Bubba knocks it out of the park; wins bet to be UGA asst. coach


A football field is 120 yards, right? (That’s 100 on the playing field and ten yards for each end zone, unless we’re in Canada.) Tack on about 100,000 seats of a football stadium, and the whole complex is probably closer to 200 yards.

Most weekend hackers would have a good chance of driving a ball out of the nearest college or professional football complex if they teed up a ball in the end zone and smashed a driver toward the opposite uprights.

So, if we could do it, then imagine what Bubba Watson would do. Actually, don’t. He did just that last night as part of a pep rally ahead of his Georgia Bulldogs taking on South Carolina in an SEC showdown on Saturday.

There was extra motivation for the bomber, though, beyond impressing some college kids. Watson wagered with women’s basketball coach Andy Landers that a successful exit out of the stadium with his drive would mean he could be an honorary assistant coach for a game of Landers’ choice this season. If Watson failed – which I don’t think he would have done even swinging a hockey stick – then Landers could caddie for Watson in a Masters practice round next year.

Obviously, Bubba won.

Watson might be a good coach, especially since his wife Angie played pro ball.