Get to know your playoff players


Earlier this week on Twitter, Bo Van Pelt said he read that every hour Walmart does $47 million in sales – $47 million! Now, I didn't research it, but let's say he's right.

Ironically, Van Pelt is 30th in the FedEx Cup points race and got the last spot in the Tour Championship. In the 'Playoffs Handbook' I received, Van Pelt needs about 47 million scenarios to play out so he can win the FedEx Cup, which is probably OK since he hasn't won a tournament this year anyway.

But, here's my question:  If I gave you 1 hour and $47 million for getting this right, could you name the 29 other players in the Tour Championship? I think I know the answer.
This week there is no Tiger Woods. So, the PGA Tour, with its television partners, has a big opportunity – and maybe an obligation.

Promote the pros, sell us on the names, show 'em off, make 'em bigger than life. Do something to make sure people know everyone in the field not named Phil Mickelson.   

Hey, I'm not saying to make it an infomercial over a tournament, but  then again, it’s not a bad idea.