Golfers Tweet about death of Bin Laden


Last week we gave you a look atthe twitter feeds from golfers weighing in on the royal wedding. Today the golfworld, like the rest of the world, is buzzing about the death of Osama BinLaden. Here are a selection of tweets about the headline news:


RickieFowlerPGARickie Fowler

Pretty cool to hear that Osama is no longer... #Proud2BeAnAmerican #USA #GOTIME

IanJamesPoulterIan Poulter


Bin laden is dead. Watching the news right now amazing scenesoutside the whitehouse. 5/1/11 a memorable day.

McIlroyRoryRory Mcilroy

Bye bye bin Laden!! Good riddance I say!!

PGA_JohnDalyJohn Daly

The main victors in capture & death of Osama bin Laden: Themen and women of the armed forces!!! God Bless You!

JasonGore59Jason Gore

So proud to be an American today.

funnycaddyMichael Collins


Oliver_WilsonOliver Wilson

Wow! That's some good news to wake up to! Bin Laden dead. Soundslike work of The Unit to me..

 ParkerMcLachlinParker McLachlin

Obama 1.....Osama 0

 JasonGore59Jason Gore

United States Military. Any questions?! I take off my hat and giveyou my heart and soul. You men and women are the best. Thank you!!!!