Goydos take on Tiger


HONOLULU – Former Sony champion Paul Goydos can always be counted on to deliver the simple truth.

“Golf actually existed before Tiger Woods and it’ll exist after Tiger,” he said.

When the news of infidelity exploded, Goydos like most was caught off guard. “No idea,” he said. “I was totally flabbergasted. No inkling, no hint, no rumor, nothing. I never heard one thing in that direction.”

Tiger’s road to redemption is “tackling the problem, facing the problem and fixing the problem.” Goydos speaks from experience. His late wife lost her battle with addiction.

“The day you stop learning is the day you die,” he said. “And I’m sure Tiger’s going through a pretty good phase of learning right now, which is good. That’s what makes us healthy. We’re not perfect people. We all screw up.

“You know he’s lived his life under a microscope and his mistakes are going to be magnified more than anyone else’s.”

I wondered if Goydos considered the media coverage of Tiger excessive prior to the recent scandal.

“There’s an easy way to knock Tiger off television coverage and that’s beat him” he responded. “So the answer is, no, it was not excessive. That’s what the fans wanted. When Tiger played the ratings were higher.

“The networks aren’t showing Tiger because they love Tiger, they’re doing it because they’re in the business of making money. I hate to break it to everybody but that’s what the media’s job is.”