Kaymer changes Augusta routine


AUGUSTA, Ga. – In three previous appearances at the masters, world No. 1 Martin Kaymer is yet to make the cut. So, going into his fourth Masters, he changed his approach. He spent some extra time in Scottsdale, then time with his family before his final preparation for the Masters.

“Well, if you do bad three years in a row, then you think you need to change something,” he said Tuesday. ”If you stick to your routine, I think it’s only normal that you want to change something if you don’t do well.

“And that was the best thing for me to do to take two weeks off, stay one week in Scottsdale, practice there, and then another week around here to get used to everything and spend some time with the family. Just change things up a little bit.”

The way people view him is different, too. He’s a major winner and the top player in the world now.

“I can remember, I think it was my manager, he came up to me two years ago, and he was walking with me up the first hole, and there were a bunch of people next to the first green and they said, ‘Who is that guy?’,” Kaymer said. “And I was ranked sixth in the world.”

Hopefully the change in approach – and statue – pay off for him, he says.

“I didn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t try it on Thursday or the other days. Hopefully at the weekend, too.”

Note: Ryan Ballengee is a writer for NBCSports.com, read more of his blogs at ProGolfTalk