Keeping nourished at the Masters


I booked my travel to Augusta for the Masters this morning and of course that got my mind wondering a bit. It was just last week that I saw those pictures of Augusta National covered in a beautiful blanket of snow circulating around the Internet.

It’s been a tough weather year all over and not even the Augusta National Golf Club can keep the snow away. I am very confident though, that as always, the golf course will be perfect by tournament time. The winds will be swirling, the azaleas will be blooming, and the greens will be smokin’ fast.

One of the great privileges in the world is to be a credentialed member of the media at the Masters. The media center is a sight to behold and the hospitality is second to none. You truly get the sense that you are a welcomed guest at what is one of the great sporting events of the world. I will be on-site at Augusta for Golf Channel's wrap around coverage of the Masters. I'll also be in the tower at No. 18 for radio coverage beginning each tournament day at 2 p.m. ET and going to the conclusion  of play.

It will be a busy and exciting week. As an announcer, it's really easy to get so caught up in all the coverage that you forget to nourish yourself. That’s why I came up with a foolproof system at the Masters last year. For an investment of $2.50 I can purchase an egg salad sandwich AND a pimento cheese sandwich.

Being conscious of overloading on the carbs, I discard the top of each sandwich and smash the bottoms together. And that is the genius of my creation, the Masters EGGmento sandwich. Three of these beauties a day and I'm well nourished and ready to go. And I stay below my per diem meal allowance. How Augusta National can continue to deliver great food at 1950's pricing to all the patrons is beyond me, but I am very appreciative of it.