No longer a top story Tiger and Phil need to be


Opened up the paper today, sports page first.

Top stories were Cam Newton's pro day at Auburn, Jim Tressel in hot water with the NCAA and the suddenly ice-cold Miami Heat.

A couple pages in, buried among national 'notes,'  was the Tiger-Phil pairing at Doral. Normally, that turns the world upside down. Now, you have to turn pages just to find details!

Just a reminder: Graeme McDowell is the third in the group, and actually buries both in all the major statistical categories –  look it up. But this isn't about scoring average, it’s about scoring with the public.

Say what you want, but the game needs 'em. The run to the Masters needs 'em. Heck, the newspapers need 'em.

Hey, I'm all for the other guys knocking Tiger and Phil around a bit, just not every week.

Guys, its time to play well.